Wedu is informed that Lulu is not coping at school and she believes it’s because she is struggling to deal with the death of her father. Mma Oaitse is not convinced and believes Lulu is just a naughty child who needs a good hiding. Lulu tell her mother, Wedu, that the other school children laugh at her because she can’t read. Naledi attends a network marketing meeting and is excited about the product and encourages Lizzie to join. She refuses. Johnny says he will be returning to Gaborone the following day. Shirley is at her mother’s house to use the internet and Mmaagwe Lesang is surprised that they don’t have internet at home. Lesang ignores his mother’s calls and tells Nchingo that since his parent’s divorce, things have not been the same. Shirley catches Rraagwe Lesang snooping around the house and upon seeing him, he borrows money from her and says he will pay it back the next day.

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